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An Taisce challenges DECC Secretary of State over Hinkley Point C decision

Hinkley Point

LargeAssociates   Witness Statement features in An Taisce (National Trust of Ireland) challenge to DECC Secretary of State's decision not to consult with the Republic of Ireland over Hinkley Point C consultation.


EPR GDA incomplete but design given go-ahead - LA Final Review identifies shortfalls:-

LargeAssociates  1st and 2nd Interim and Final Reviews not challenged by ONR.

Stop Hinkley  ONR Response

AWE off-site emergency accident plans awry

West Berkshire's off-site emergency plan underestimates the public domain sheltering and evacuation zones for radiological incidents at Aldermaston and Burghfield.

Vulnerability of French NPPs to Accidental Aircraft Crash


Analysis and evaluation of French NPP vulnerability to direct crash of a civil airliner on the nuclear island and other safety crucial parts of the plant.

                            Report Appendix resume

Radiological Accidents

Chernobyl 20 Years On

Chernobyl - A nuclear catastrophe 20 years on - Review of the Radiological Situation in 2006.

                              Chernobyl +20

TEPCO Plan to Flood Primary Containment at Fukushima Daiichi


TEPCO plans to flood Unit 1 containment considered unwise.

Seismic contribution to Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Plant Damage

Briefing Note supporting IAEA June 2011 Nuclear Safety Conference urging individual nuclear power States to undertake comprehensive risk and safety assessments with respect to seismic response. Contrasts with IAEA Fukushima Mission Team findings.


Salvage of K141 Kursk

The world-first successful salvage of a sunken nuclear powered submarine - risk and hazards in raising K141 Kursk.


Nuclear Powered Submarine Berth at Southampton - REPPIR

HMS Astute (S119) .jpg

Docking of nuclear powered submarines Tireless and Asture nearby Southampton cruise liner terminal raises concerns but Council drives through permissions - Astute docking fatal shooting in the sub control room - REPPIR off-site countermeasure action zones found to be inadequate and under-resourced.

Development of nuclear weapon materials in Iran

ESSC Study

Risks and Hazards arising from the Transportation of Nuclear Weapons


Review of the USSR U-Pu Capsule

The claim is that these capsules originated from former Soviet Union military activities during the Afghanistan War. It is also claimed that many such capsules remain in and about Afghanistan and outer regions of Pakistan, with numbers ranging from many thousands of capsules to as few as a dozen or so to be found at a few separate localities.


Sinking of the Soviet Nuclear Powered Submarine Hulk K159

K159 Sinking

Ms X's Clash with a Nuclear Weapons Carrier in the Dead of the Night

Ms X

Latest at San Onofre
San Onofre

Southern California Edison San Onofre NPPs Permanently Shut Down

Son Onofre

1st ASLB 2nd ASLB NRC NSHC NRC Shut Down


ONR Red Faced over Nuclear Safety for Hinkley Point C
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No End in Sight at Fukushima

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Coming Clean with Whitewash!

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Royal Navy Adopts Artful Dodge on RadWaste

Sir Andrew Large

Navy to strip out low level radwaste early from laid up submarines

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Wrong Name Right Sentiment

Sir Andrew Large

Andrew and/or John play Chinese Chequers

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Gideon's gobbledegook strikes home

Large raises serious concerns


Gideon  talks Chinese gobbledegook

Gideon Osborne talks Turkey

Large slams Chinese lack of transparency 

JRadioactive warning symbol

Devonport LOOP prompts Category B Nuclear Risk


Devonport Dilemma

Potential for submarine reactor Fukushima-type meltdown at Devonport Navy Yard


Tiresome Tireless

HMS Tireless sails into trouble again

Daily Mail Guardian

John Large Opines on Sea Dumping

JHLGatehouse 2002

Atommüll vor Europas Küsten interview


Lost Radioactive Sources

Radioactive warning symbol JRadioactive warning symbol


Fukushima Daiichi

Westminster Politics

UK Nuclear New Build vs Fukushima Uncertainties

European Union Politics

European Commission NPP Stress Testing


Health and Safety at and around Fukushima

European Commission

European Commission Nuclear Regulation

Freedom of Information

Rob Edwards Winking

Appeal to the Office of the Information Commissioner

MoD Dirty Deeds

piggy bank

MOD insiders opining on John Large revealed by secret meeting transcript

More MoD Dirty Deeds


Warship Support Agency attempt to block IMechE Tireless Paper

Crown Minister

Carry on at CoRWM

carry on

Aimless meandering of the Radioactive Waste Management Committee

 NEI article

HMG's Bluff and Cover


HM Government hides behind paperwork to conceal unpublished paper


CrowdFunding - KickStart

Challenging the Applicability of the Off-Site REPPIR Arrangements

Previous LargeAssociates studies have revealed fundamental weaknesses in the Radiation (Emergency Planning and Public Information) Regulations - this Crowdfunding project aims to fund further assessment of REPPIR in light of the off-site exerience at Fukushima Daiichi.

Contact Peter Burt at Nuclear Information Services for further information and to participate in the funding of this Crowdfunding Project.


United States NRC News

NRC US nuclear safety regulator NRC casts doubts on adequacy of AREVA EPR Control and Instrumentation systems - Nucleonics Week 11 July 2013 - confirming findings of LargeAssociates Final Review of ONR GDA.

Lost WANO 2000 Assessment for Laguna Verdi NPP Mexico

Confidential World Association of Nuclear Operators inspection report hides significant shortfalls at Laguna Verdi in 2000.

Laguna Verdi

Vulnerability of Nuclear Plants and Facilities to the Terrorist Threat

It is now established that in the recent past nuclear plants have been targeted by terrorists to create havoc in the public domain - this published paper considers the vulnerability of such plants to acts of terrorism.


HEU Irradiated Fuel Transport from Australia to COGEMA France

Analysis of the risks and hazards of the transportation of the irradiated HEU fuel core of the HIFAR reactor to COGEMA France.

 MV Mosel

MOX Fuel Transportation Risks

Hazards and risks accompanying the transportation of new MOX fuel from Sellafield to Beznau NPP - dispersion analysis considers the greater release fraction of MOX when subject to intense heat possible in a rail tunnel and/or ship fire.

Beznau NPP

Radiological Calamity at Tuwaitha Iraq

Radiological Contamination at Saddam's Tuwaitha nuclear material plant in the wake of the Iraq invasion.


Risks and Hazards of Unirradiated MOX Fuel Transport in France

MOX carrying trucks being involved in accidental and terrorist incidents are assessed in terms of the radiological and potential health consequences arising from a release of plutonium dioxide.

MOX - Risks & Hazards

Export of Uranium Hexafluoride Tailings and Spent Containers

This analysis considers the hidden international exchange of empty but highly contaminated UF6 containers from  the Portsmouth uranium enrichment plant in the United States, where the export is little more than a ruse to ship radioactive waste abroad, to the Russian Federation Siberian radioa-chemical plant at which, or so it is claimed, the residue UF6 is to be recovered for recycling,


Submissions to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee on the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Extension

Review of the physical stability and dispersion characteristics, etc., of unirradiated Mixed Oxede (MOX) nuclear fuel involved in Maritime Incidents and Accidents.

UK Activities Dispersion Accidents

Terms of Reference for ONR's aircraft crash TAP will not include for NPP containment damage severity, release inventory and radiological consequences of potential release scenarios 

This Summary combines two recent assessments undertaken by Large & Associates on the replacement steam generator  problems and proposals to restart at least one of the two nuclear power plants at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. The first assessment considers the proposals of the plant operator and licensee, Southern California Edison  to restart Unit 2, operating the plant at 70% of its thermal rated power.  The second assessment considers whether the NRC's Confirmatory Action Letter was anther form of de facto license amendment.

San Onofre Mitsubishi Meeting Action List - Summary

This analysis links the Mitsubishi action items determined at design meetings for the replacement steam generators meetings to progress of the design and knowledge of Edison and Mitsubishi of the problems as these developed.

San Onofre Replacement SGs  Root Cause Analysis    Leaked Mitsubishi Report

This is a review of the redacted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)  proprietary Root Cause Analysis  report released into the public domain by Senator Boxer and Representative Markey on March 8 2013. The copy of the RCA report is complete comprising 68 pages of text and tables. This review also refers to a second MHI report released by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission  on March 8 2013.

Degradation of AGR Graphite Moderator Cores

The graphite core of an AGR nuclear power plant is a central nuclear safety component. The core is a loose stack of several thousand graphite bricks assembled to form a facet-sided cylinder of about 12m diameter by 10m height. The core serves to moderate (slow) the neutrons initiating fission in the nuclear fuel but in doing so its materials properties change and there is a pronounced loss of weight of graphite. This Review examines the importance of graphite radiolytic ageing to the nuclear safety case.

Olkiluoto 3 Finland - STUK Regulatory Assessment

The substantive findings of this review relate inadequacies and incompleteness of the regulatory assessment at the Construction Licensing stage; if the speed at which STUK completed its assessment facilitated proper examination and testing of the nuclear safety case of this world-first installation of the Generation III EPR nuclear power plant; the failure to publish a full assessment of the plant’s resistance to commercial aircraft crash (previously promised to be an essential nuclear safety prerequisite) and, similarly, the lack of demonstration in any aspect whatsoever that the plant will be sufficiently robust against all reasonably foreseeable terrorist action; and failure to give meaningful account to the radioactive waste management and eventual decommissioning of the plant and its nuclear island at some future time.

Information Commissioner's Office finds against ONR on EIR Claims

Information Commissioner's Office finds against ONR on EIR Claims Relating to aircraft crash on a NPP, the ICO Decision Notice FER0377581 concluded that although the ONR was correct in withholding the requested information, the time taken do so, over 13 months compared to the statutory period of 20 working days, was excessive.

Vulnerability of BNF Sellafield to Terrorist Attack

A terrorist cell charged with attacking Sellafield could readily obtain sufficient information from publicly available documents to identify highly hazardous and vulnerable targets on the Sellafield site for which there exists little defence in depth.

THORP Feed Clarification Cell Leak - Corroded Dissolver Pipework  

Following discrepancies in the inventory and nuclear material balance controls at the front end of the irradiated fuel thermal oxide reprocessing plant (THORP) at Sellafield, on 20 April 2005 a remotely operated camera revealed a significant quantity of highly radioactive liquor in the sump of Cell 220. In total and over several months previously, approximately 84m3 of liquor, in the form of a nitric acid solution of fuel and fission products, had built-up in the sump, leaking from a feed pipe connection to one of two accountancy vessels located in the cell.

 Accidental Atmospheric Release Analysis for Flamanville and Other NPP 

Using European Community Standard modelling software (COSYMA), this assessment compares the proposed Flamanville EPR to the radiological consequences of a severe radioactive release arising from a containment-bypass or containment failure at each of a number of existing NPPs in France, including Tricastin, Nogent-sur-Seine and Fessenheim.. Because France has in place a programme to utilise reactorgrade plutonium fuel (MOX) in certain of its existing NPPs and specifically in the EPR development at Flamanville, the impact of a radioactive release of MOX is examined in comparison with a low enriched uranium (LEU) fuelled NPP. The assessment includes account of the type of nuclear fuel, both LEU and MOX that is currently in use in French NPPs, and it projects the higher radiological consequences should the Generation III European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) proposed at Flamanville be subject to a severely damaging incident

Pre-Tsunami Seismic Damage at Fukushima Daiichi

Analysis shows Unit 2 exceeded seismic design limit and methodology flawed - potential impact on NPP resilience Worldwide.

Glossary for the Layman's Guide to AWE Off-Site Emergency Planning

The fundamentals of West Berkshire's off-site REPPIR plan for the locality of AWE Aldermaston explained in layman's terms.

Adequacy of the Proposd Amendment to the Third Party Liability Finance Arrangements Covering Nuclear Damages  from Swiss Nuclear Plants

At present, all nuclear operators must take out private insurance cover with a Swiss insurer of at least CHF 500 million for each NPP with an additional CHF 50 million for procedural and interest costs as these might arise. Separately, the operators also have to pay into a Nuclear Damage Fund that is administered by the Federal Office of Energy with the objective that this fund will be sufficient to make up any liability shortfall of the private insurance cover up to a total of CHF 1,000 million  to meet all third party claims for any single radiation incident. The Swiss federal government  considers these liability cover arrangements to be sufficiently robust that it has not been necessary for Switzerland to ratify the international nuclear liability treaties (notably the Paris-Brussels Convention and Revision Protocols) to which it is signatory.

Forensic Assessments of the Nuclear Propulsion Plants of HMS Tirelss and NFS Kursk

In the absence of direct access to the damaged plant, forensic assessment of both Kursk and Tireless made best use of limited indirect evidence, backed by experienced judgement, to deduce limits to define safeguards to ensure radiological safety during both the repair and recovery processes.

La Vulnérabilite des Centrales Nucléaires Françaises aux Chutes d'Avion

version française

IAEA Mission to Fukushima Daiichi fails to identify cause of 2011 catastrophe

IAEA MIssion Team

During the last week of May 2011 the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) sent a team of about 20 nuclear experts to Japan to investigate the ongoing nuclear situation a Fukushima, publishing a Preliminary Summary on 1 June 2011 – this Review by the independent nuclear consultants Large & Associates critically analyses the IAEA Summary.

IAEA Mission Team turns a blind eye to possible pre-tsunami seismic damage at Fukushima

IAEA Mission Team failed to shed any further light whatsoever on the events and circumstances that culminated in the catastrophic failure and radiation release from three operational nuclear power plants, and for the explosion and radioactive release from the spent fuel pond of a fourth but defueled nuclear.

Fukushima Daiichi Cold-Vent option poorly thought through

Review of TEPCO's plan to flood the primary containment of Unit 1 creates more problems than it is intended to solve.

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